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New Look Marks a New Era for ISACA

Author: David Samuelson, Chief Executive Officer, ISACA
Date Published: 31, January 2020

If you’re a return visitor to the ISACA website, the site probably looks very different than your last visit, but it’s still packed with the valuable resources that keep you coming back. And if you are especially observant, you might have noticed the brand-new ISACA logo at the top. If you haven’t stopped by for a while, please go to and take a look.

The new ISACA logo

The timing of this refresh to our digital presence is not accidental. We have entered a new year, a new decade and, in many respects, a new ISACA. We think you’ll find the new web experience provides smoother navigation, improved search and, especially important for an organization like ours, greater security. The new ISACA logo, with its rotating circular graphics, symbolizes the sense of agility and momentum that will propel us into becoming the modern learning organization that enables resilience and confidence in the face of change. It also conveys a sense of people interacting with one another, and that is truly what ISACA is: a people-focused organization that connects our professional community across the globe.

The new web experience is reflective of a new era at ISACA that we are all embarking on together. Since joining ISACA around 10 months ago, I have continually been impressed with the passion and spirit that are a hallmark of our community. It was inspiring to join as we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2019 because I heard stories from all over the world about how our special organization took shape over the previous decades. I was fortunate enough to celebrate with many of ISACA’s past leaders, including founding member Gene Frank, and hear first-hand their enduring passion for the organization and what ISACA has meant to them on a personal level.

The impact of ISACA’s growth into an organization with more than 145,000 members and 220-plus chapters really hits home when you hear people tell their personal ISACA stories: how Los Angeles Chapter board member Kelly Lin’s first jobs in the industry came through her ISACA network; how Phil Zongo’s CISA certification set him on a life-changing path after a challenging upbringing; how New York Metropolitan Chapter President Karen Alexander makes mentoring young professionals and those from disadvantaged backgrounds a labor of love in addition to her own personal and professional responsibilities.

Many of us have heard these and other remarkable stories from our ISACA colleagues. Put them all together, and it’s easy to see why Gene Frank says: “The truth of it is that ISACA has far surpassed anything I could ever imagine.”

Well, stay tuned, Gene, because, to borrow another of your favorite lines, “The best is yet to come.”

ISACA is uniquely positioned to advance the best in global technology by ensuring that information technology professionals and their enterprises thrive. We are re-imagining what it means to be a valuable, trusted and relevant association; to reinvent how flexible and continuous learning happens so professionals can be ready for new challenges that emerge; and to deliver new solutions and services to students, professionals, leaders, and the teams and enterprises they work for in order to ensure they are ready for the demands of an ever-changing tech landscape.

This is our time.

Some of our future success is already in view, beginning with our new website. In the coming months, we also will launch a new philanthropic foundation to ensure diversity, reach underserved populations, and engage rising generations anchored in the positive potential of technology. We will produce new knowledge resources around areas with growing demand: cybersecurity, data privacy and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT. And we won’t stop there. Working together, there is no limit to how much we can achieve in the years and decades to come, at a time when our organization’s core expertise – how to responsibly and securely leverage technology – is a perfect match for what companies and society as a whole need now more than ever.

As far as ISACA has come in our first 50 years, we can’t rest on our laurels. There is so much more we can accomplish together, and it begins now. Welcome to the next 50 years of ISACA.

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